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Cooperatively farming small patches of Earth in Columbus, OH

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Notes of Thanks

We get a lot of notes of thanks.

Picture texts from the dinner table.

Facebook mentions.

In-person praise.

LOVE them all.

But this one is in the lead for best of show this season. Handwritten from an Ohio gal in her 70s. Whenever someone who spent their life in this place tells you your tomatoes are the best they ever had you can be only one thing: Humbled. (And you forgive them for adding an extra vowel to the end of your name.)


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Four, Make that SIX, Weeks of Photos

Has it really been four six weeks since our last post?! It was four when I first sat down to write this one. That seemed like a long time. Six weeks seems downright negligent. But, while we haven’t been blogging, we have been busy. Here are some highlights. (Note: We have been pretty good at posting on Facebook. If you aren’t following us there, maybe you should.)

The romaine we transplanted during our last workday came in full and crisp.

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We have harvested HUNDREDS of tomatoes, oftentimes in a single day…


DSC_0114 photo 3We distributed a ton of them through our CSA thanks to our “sarcophagus” system. (Term coined by Julian Halliday)

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We made and distributed roasted tomatillo salsa to nearly all members of our CSA…

This was a goody batch we sent to Rosa and George's band instructor. The red bottle is a tomato version.

This was a goody batch we sent to Rosa and George’s band instructor. The red bottle is a tomato version.

We also harvested, shared, and ingested TONS of kale, chard, and arugula, herbs, onions, cucumbers, beans. You can check out some of our favorite recipes, including our own K-Word Smoothie, on our recipes board.  We canned pizza sauce, chutney, and salsa verde (a cooked and preserved version of our fresh salsa that doesn’t really compare but when you are sitting on a mountain of tomatillos what are you gonna do?). We made refrigerator pickles and jardiniere. It’s been awesome.


We have lots to do to get ready for fall. And some things we hoped to get done probably won’t this year. But, we’ll be ready next time around.


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Community Supported Agriculture

IMG_4872We are pleased to announce that our CSA subscriptions are committed for the 2014 season! We are humbled by the outpouring of support we have received from family, friends, and neighbors for this project and look forward to working for, and with, you all in the coming months. Our hope is that over time our members will outgrow their need for us, as they learn skills to use in their own edible backyards, making room for new members. So if you missed your chance to be part of the action this year, have no fear, there will be others!

Also, as the season progresses, we’ll post surplus produce available for purchase on our Facebook page. If you haven’t “liked” us there yet, wait are you waiting for?