Over the Fence Urban Farm

Cooperatively farming small patches of Earth in Columbus, OH

Field Report Photo Dump

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Well, it’s been a month since I posted any pictures from the field. So much has changed. Plants have come and plants have gone. Here are a few highlights.

Potatoes are up and booming.


The view down low looking across mustard, peas, chives, tomatoes, carrots and more…


(from top to bottom) Pac Choi, leeks, and state fair-sized radicchio.


Sampling of our first few weeks’ offerings. (from top left – romaine, pac choi, red sails leaf lettuce, french breakfast radishes, spinach, kale, and mustard)


Me, harvesting radishes. (Photo credit Melissa Freuh)


The radishes. Can’t get enough of those pink ladies.


Melissa helped get the sweet potatoes in the ground. It’s gonna be a jungle out there.


This tray was completely full of lettuce starts. Now they’re all in the ground. Around 150.


Trying Surround kaolin clay repellent on the cucurbitaceae family this year. We’ll let you know how it goes.


Family reunion. Cucumbers and squashes waiting for a home.


You gotta reap if you’re gonna sow. Thinned the mustard to make room for the cucumbers.


After a very LONG wait, peas!


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