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Getting Garlic in the Ground

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DSC_0014Happy hour today was all about garlic. Spreading compost and tilling the soil to get the beds ready, then digging a few hundred deep holes and pushing the cloves underground. I don’t think we’ll have quite as many bulbs as we did this year, but hopefully what we have will be better. Last fall we were so late ordering our seed (because we didn’t take possession of the property the farm is on until mid-November) that we had only one option – one supplier, one variety. This year I ordered early from Green Mountain Garlic in Vermont. They had a wide range of options and I got some with nice big cloves – Music, German X Hardy, and Romanian Red. The Chesnook Red we had this past year had good flavor, but the itty bitty cloves are a pain to deal with in the kitchen. We put some of the largest we had in the ground with the rest and gave them all plenty of space. And now we wait. Til next July.

The Hughes family was back and, as always, looking totally hip. Elizabeth fit right in. It was a productive visit.

Larry. Tilling.

Larry. Tilling.

Liam. Raking.

Liam. Raking.

Katie. Pulling beans.

Katie. Pulling a few beans. (Her favorite…)

Not your granny's work boots. Elizabeth (left), Katie (right)

Urban farmer footwear. Elizabeth (left), Katie (right)


2015. Here we come!

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