Over the Fence Urban Farm

Cooperatively farming small patches of Earth in Columbus, OH

(CSA) Update

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This message was sent to our CSA member this past weekend.
We were taking it (sort of) easy this weekend though those of you following us on Facebook know that doesn’t mean we haven’t been out back working. We got the insect netting up over the greens, radishes, and beets, and planted out about 60 Red Zeppelin onion plants. Rock on!
We had a big week in other ways as well. Wednesday evening, Dan and I were interviewed by a writer from Edible Columbus for an article in the Summer issue due out in June. She’d love to have a chance to chat with some of you to know how and why you got involved in this little venture. She plans to drop by one of our next work days. (See below for more on that).
We also learned that our service learning grant at OSU was approved. This means we’ll be working Kerry Ard and her students in “People, Place, and Environment” on various projects next spring. The grant comes with $1,500 for the farm and we are thrilled about the prospects!
Knowing that Edible Columbus will be sending a photographer soon, we are eager to get a few more big things done around the property next weekend – build our compost system, move some of the sod piles around and out of site, dig a great big hole for an underground cistern, complete laying out and tilling the new beds, install some of our trellising. Join us next Saturday (between 10 and 5) and/or Sunday (noon-6) to help make it happen. Please let us know in advance if you plan to attend and when we might see you. This helps us plan and match activities best with those who’ll be showing up.


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