Over the Fence Urban Farm

Cooperatively farming small patches of Earth in Columbus, OH

Farm Sweet Home

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Cora and I skipped town for a few days before the farm is really up and running for the season. Dan’s taking care of things while we’re away. Naturally, he’s doing great. Still, it’s hard being away. I’m wondering how the seedlings Cora and I transplanted are doing and which seeds are germinating. I’m wishing I had my hands in the soil, though the sand feels pretty good between my toes. We’ll be back soon enough. The apple trees will have (finally) arrived. The compost will still be sitting in the driveway waiting to be moved. The honeysuckle will be begging to be pulled up. The compost bin will be crying to be built. The list of chores will get longer everyday, and it will all be beautiful.

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